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I was almost convinced that FZ-20 was the right camera for me, but quite frankly.. my brother though higher of the G6.. which got me thinking... if we narrow it down to picture quality (putting all the issues of zoom behind us) which one produces the best picturequality.

I saw some pics of the G6 by night.. and the noise was awful.. but then again, that's an issue with any camera.. but in my eyes it seemed a bit worse than the FZ-20..

I found an site that has the same price virtualy for both cameras, elliminating that perspective..

Yes the G6 has 7mp.. but FZ-20 has 12x zoom which enables me to "crop" with the lens..

is the weight of the fz20 annoying compared to the downsized and lighter g6?

argh.. I'm conpuzzled give me your oppinion on this..(pls don't just post"which cd is the best" or "what car is the best"-analagies)
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Well, first off, I noticed that the Canon G6 produced much sharper images compaired to the FZ-20. Yet it doesn't have the 12x optical lens like most users would want. I saw the Noise issue with the night shots' and I would actually consider that normal on a Consumer based camera.

I've held a FZ-20 and noticed that the lens glass makes it a bit heavy (very typical for a camera with a large lens). While I haven't owned a G6, but from the pictures I've seen it makes the images quite sharp. I'd really just pick on what you would want, either the 12x zoom/better night shots or sharper pictures.

Also, check out the Canon G5, it is as well as a good camera.
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