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I have narrowed down my choices to the two. I am basically a point and shoot guy, so I'm sure I will use the automatic settings mostly. I am leaning towards the FZ3 due to size and price. However, I want to be able to print 8x10s, and am afraid I will need the extra megapixel to get good quality shots. What do you think? Any other major advantage of the FZ15?

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Well ppeete, it's really up to you on the size fraction. The FZ3 has the same lens as the FZ15 but is a 3MP. The FZ15 is a bit bigger, but produces 23XX x XXXX images which is at least reccomended for 8x10's. You could do 8x10's with the FZ3 but I wouldn't be able to tell you if it would look good.

The FZ15 has superb crisp images, which would come out perfect on an 8x10, but I haven't seen any sample images on the FZ3, I'm sure it's just as well since they both share the same guts basically.

See if you can test both of them out, or ask someone if you can get a sample 8x10 from the FZ3. If it looks good, then you might as well pick up the FZ3 for the size, but otherwise, you may have to pick up the larger FZ15.

What would I pick? I'd pick the FZ15, since both cameras can't easily fit into a purse, or pocket, I'd just rather live with the slightly bigger one.
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www.dpreview.com has a review of the FZ3. www.dcresource.com has a review and a shoot out between the FZ3 and FZ20 (same lens as the FZ15 but more Mpixels).
A minor clarification to the previous reply. FZ15 and FZ3 lens have the same zoom and 2.8 full range max. apature. However, because the sensor on the FZ3 is smaller so is the lens. Also, the FZ3's lens is missing an element which corrects for some optical distorion. I fould looking at the FZ20 and FZ3 that there was slightly more barrel distortion at full wide angle with the FZ3.

Also FZ3 does not have manual focus, which may, or maynot be an issue for you (it was for me and the price difference between the FZ15 and FZ20 was small enought that I went with the FZ20).

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