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JimC... I've read several of your posts and it sounds like you know a lot more about this stuff than I do. Based on what you've read on my first two posts above what do you think? I think the G6 and the V3 will be pretty close as far as picture quality. The only thing I'm really struggling with is the lens in the G6 starts at f2.0 and the Sony is f2.8. On the other hand the Sony's ISO starts at 100 and the Canon starts at 50. Right now the best comparison to make with the Canon G6 is probably the Sony P150 (as far as photo quality alone). It seems that Sony has done a fairly good job of keeping noise level down with ISO of 100 - 200 whereas the Canon seems to do best at 50 - 100. Is sony's higher ISO ability a fair trade for Canon's faster lens? Even wash? Also, I am OK with the use of a flash.
I would value your input! Much thanks!
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Image quality is very subjective, and you certainly can't judge the image quality from a camera that isn't even shipping yet, with noreal world samples available.

Even if samples were available, you'd have to take photos in the same conditions with both models to better compare them.

Chances are, neither model's ISO range is significantly different. As a general rule, the G series Canon models are about 3/4 stop faster than their ISO speed would indicate, compared to similar cameras.

For example, when comparing the Canon G5against the Sony V1, theCanon's ISO 50-400 range iscloser to ISO 80-640, when compared to theSony's 100-800 ISO range.

I don't know if this trend will continue with the Canon G6 and Sony V3, but I suspect it will.

Without taking a meter and checking light levels, then checking the aperture/shutter speed combination both camera's chose for the same scene, carefully controlling the metering type used to make sure the scenes were exposed the same, there would be no way to tell for sure.

For a better comparison between these models, you'll need to wait.

Nobody can tell you how they will compare, until we actually see samples from both models in similar conditions (and even then, it will be subjective). Also, you may find one model works better in some conditions, and the other model better in other conditions. You'll need to decide which one works best in the conditions you'll be using it in most often, taking metering accuracy,color accuracy, detail captured, noise levels, speed of operation, etc., into consideration.

The good news is that the harder it is to choose between two models, the more likely it will be that either one will satisfy your needs.

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