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Ugh, I just spent $300 on a Fuji FinePix F700 and I take horrible pics with it (I hadn't found this site when I bought it). The colors are vividbut the image qualityleaves a lot to be desired. Maybe one photo in 20 isas clear as I like.

OK, don't laugh too hard but I like my oldFuji 2800 better!Sure it is only 2.0 megapixels but the pics are very sharp andit iseasy to use. I have read and reread the reviews of the cameras here (great website, eh?) but I am still nervous aboutbuying another camera as I amout a 15% restocking fee on the Fiju F700 I am returning. I can't afford to keep buying cameras and returning themat this rate.

Here are my needs:

1. sharp, clear, vivid pictures without having to manipulate them using software (I'm a point and shoot kinda gal but my dh likes to manually adjust some settings)

2.short delay between pics as I have two kids under the age of 2 so I take lots of fast pictures, mostly indoors (my main subjects are kids and dogs)

3. I crop a lot but don't usually print anything over an 8x10

If I could combine the vivid colors andfastpicture taking of the Fuji F700 with the simplicity and fabulous imagine quality of the Fuji 2800 along with a reasonable ability to crop and reduce the image size for emailing, I would be delighted. I am up for any brandand can pay up toabout $375.

Thanks for your time and for reading this. I appreciate any suggestions you can give me.
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Just out of curiosity, are these indoor photos, and is your primary problem "soft" pics?

After seeing your post, I took some time to look through some image albums taken by the F700, and noticed a very interesting trend. I have since verified that this is it's normal behavior by searching through some forums.

Using flash, in Auto ISO, the cameraroutinely boosts ISO speed, in a range fromISO 400 to 800 indoors (with stops in between like ISO 640).

It also appears to use a relatively aggressive noise reduction system when it does boost ISO, blurring detail. This is no surprise, given the amount it's boosting it, while maintaining relatively low visible noise. :-)

So, I strongly suspect that if you simply change the ISO speed to 200 (versus using Auto ISO), it will eliminate the blurring of detail you are seeing. This will have the impact of reducing the flash range (which was already better than most compact models anyway -- probably because it was boosting the ISO speed to get the extra range).
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Hi. FIrst Choice .. FZ20 By Panasonic or a Z3 Minlota Dimage.. Both are nice , quick and easy to use. Check wwww.pbase.com to check the Pics taken by both cameras.

Take Care

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Thank you so very much for the suggestions.

JimC, it was very kind of you to take the time to investigate the camera's images for me. I genuinely appreciate it. I have taken your advice and adjusted the ISO setting and it did in fact improve the image quality. I am going to try the camera out for a few more days and see how it goes. I don't have the camera saavy to be able to readjust the camera for different conditions so I may still need to return it for one that has beendummy-downed. If I end up doing that, I will check out the Panasonic and Minolta suggested by fireworkz or the Kodak CX7530/DX7630 recommended by a neighbor.

Thanks again for your kind assistance.
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