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First thing that I look in a digital is the picture quality (sharpness, color balance, aberations, pf), then manual controls (Ap, +-EV, cw and spot metering, custom WB), then if possible compact size.

Departing from the Pentax555 (5mpix, x5 optical zoom, live histogram,very goodimage quality, compact), I reached to the best-seller series A from Canon and it's latest arrival, the A95 (5mpix, AAA batteries, good to very good quality images,very good manual features). Then, after reading some posting on this great forum (thanks Steve) I was biased towards the S1 IS, in which I like the following: 380mm zoom (though I'm afraid of the limitation of the 38mm .. but I guess I can spend a little more and get the 0.7x converter), image stabilization (as I heard it makes wonders), the EVF (which is better than any of compact digitals), SLR-like grip (except for the left hand, which you can't put anywhere to hold the camera), very good manual features (pitty for missinglive histogram and AiAf). After searching and viewing as many pictures as I found on the internet taken with the S1 IS, I'm a bit dissapointed about the sharpness of pictures taken with this camera. So I'm looking over the fence to Panasonic FZ3 (man they are really have something in limiting the resolution to 3Mpix). This camera has no arguing better lens quality (Leica) at even wider range (35mm-420mm), and attention(!) with f/2.8 on the whole range. Regarding manual features, I guess it offers same controls as the S1 IS, to offer flexibility for an enthusiast photographer, also two types of IS (in camera .. as I understand the S1 IS has this feature in lens).

So, I have two compact 5Mpix cameras, from which the Canon A95 is my favourite because it uses AA batteries, CF cards, that you can control freely, it has swivel 1,8" LCD and it has a very good reputation, and it may be the last A-series. Being compact, it's more easy for me to carry arround, as I tend to do more pictures while I'm travelling (still taking care for every picture I take). The lens is also more protected as it has it's own automatic protection, compared to the caps you are supposed to put and watch over the bigger lens digitals.

From the other two, I really can't decide, as from the Canon S1 IS I like the ergonomics and features, plus the CF card andAA batteries, and from the Panasonic FZ3 the (much) better image quality (excellent Leica lens), 35mm and a little more telezoom, with f/2.8 overall.

[align=center]As I can't buy but one of them, please fellows digital camera users, help me decide between the Canon S1 IS(as I admire Canon for it's wide range of cameras and effort to put into them the needs of amateurs and also for more advanced) or the Panasonic FZ3 for better quality lens, or a more compact, easy to travel and shot Canon A95 or maybe the longer zoom Pentax555.[/align]
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The pentax optio 555 isrelaced by the optio sv and the optio 750z. They are both fantastic cameras!

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HI :-)

I looked at the reviews of the pentax only average performer with some vignetting, the canon A95 is good all round cam, short zoom thobutcomes highly recomended, theCanon SI IS has soft images tho see the comparison with the FZ3 @ dpreview. hope that helps a bit, you wont go wrong with FZ3 performance / features !

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I have read the three main reviews of the Panasonic FZ3 and I have to admit that I did not believe that with those Leica lenses it could suffer from vigneting (at wider angle and in macro). This is a minus, because I wouldn't like in my pictures dark corners. Rearding operation with this camera, the LCD is fixed, it has also the same size and resolution as the one on the S1. The EVF is also the same, more to the left but probably usable. Both not usable in bright light, but on the Panasonic there is no "black-out" during shooting, only a very short freeze of the image, making this camera better for action shots that the S1. Plus live histogram, wider range zoom (35-420mm) and f/2.8 all the way, plus, and this is important for me .. included adaptor and hood for attaching 55mm filters (as I have already a UV and a polarizer for my Minolta SLR).

Guess I'll check out the price for the FZ3 I did not see it here in stores to hold and toy with, but I'll keep on searching.

So I understand it's a Canon A95 vs. Panasonic FZ3 or the S1 is still in the game?
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