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Hi from Australia you Americanos.

So as you have probably realised Australia does indeed support the latest technology.Sadly,Im not up to date with it all but as this site is impressive I figure there are a few of you out there that might help me.

Basically,Im after advice.

I want to take digital photos of good quality to load onto a desktop at work as I am a chiropractor and I want to take shots of clients pre and post treatment.

I dont need "the best" but like everyone I want to get a good deal.

Do people thinka docking bay(that charges the camera and downloads the shots onto the PC)is worthwhile???

DDoes anyone know where the cheapest place to buy in Australia is/or a place in the US that will deliver at a reasonable price???

Ive heard Canon are good.

Thaks guys,I appreciate it.
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Answer me you rude Yanks.

I we will keep flogging you in the pool
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There is a lot of difference between models, and a lot of models to choose from now.

It's like buying a vehicle. One person may prefer a Toyota Camry, another a Ford Pickup, and another a Chevrolet Corvette.

As for the docking stations, I guess that they can have their advantages. I've never owned a camera with one. However, I have recommended Kodaks on some occasions to older couples so that they had an easy way to interface to their PC.

They have some models that let you charge the battery, and transfer the photos via the docking station, and these docking stations sometimes include rechargeable batteries for the camera, too (depending on the model).

So, this eliminates the need to hookup a USB cable to the camera each time, or to use a card reader, or to charge the batteries via a separate charger or cable to the camera (some do it one way, some another).

I'd look through the "Best Cameras" list here to get a better idea of what's available.


Then, make sure to read each model's review conclusion section carefully. This is where you'll see things like startup time, autofocus lag (time it takes the camera to focus after you press the shutter button), cycle times (time after you take a photo before you can take another one), flash usability, image quality indoors and outdoors,etc.

For photos of clients, the performance issues shouldn't be a big deal. Although, you may want to make sure the camera's Autofocus works well indoors (some do, some don't). You'll also see this discussed in the review conclusion sections.

As far as purchasing in the U.S., keep in mind that many manufacturers may refuse to service the camera in a country other than theone it was intended for sale in. This is to discourage the practice of "gray market" imports (where customers bypass the distribution networks in their own country to get a better price).

So, I'd check with the manufacturers in your area for any potential warranty coverage issues if you go this route.

In the U.S., B&H Photo and Video is a reputable dealer that ships overseas:

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Really appreciate the advice.

Thanks a lot friend
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