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I am a new user. I am looking at buying a digital camera for my girlfriend and I. We wll only use it for family pictures, sporting events, stuff like that. I want about a 4MP, with a 3x optical zoom AT LEAST. What is a good camera under $350 or so? I've been reading reviews and most all of them say positive things about the A80, but some say negative... like focusing problems. Just wondering what ya'all think would be a good starter camera that isn't too junky... but will be durable and last a while... while still taking quality photos.
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Firstly, I am no expert and am also in the market for a similiar camera. I went to circuit city to look at the A80 b/c I originally thought about getting the A95 or A85 (the A80 has been replaced by Sony with the A95. They basically added a megapixel and upgraded the LCD). I found the A80, A85, & A95 to be larger than I anticipated. This camera will not comfortablly fit in your pocket. I have refined my search to the Canon S410 (4mp, 3x optical, 1.5" LCD) and the Canon SD200 (3mp, 3x optical, 2" LCD). The SD200 has more shooting modes than the S410 but the S410 has another megapixel. I have also looked at the Kodak CX7530 and Sony DSC-P73 but am leaning towards one of the Canons.

The only advantage to the A80 is the swivel LCD and you can add-on wide or 2x lens.

Let me know what you decide.
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You might also want to check out the Kodak DX7440. It has pretty quick startup times, 4x optical zoom along with 4 megapixels. Another neat feature is that when you tilt the camera to take a picutre in portrait mode instead of landscape, it automatically will rotate the picture for you when you view it on the LCD screen. The camera is also pretty good when it comes to not having red eye.
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