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I'm torn between the two, here are the things I know about what's better about the Canon and what's better about the Nikon:

- Better body build quality
- Faster continous drive
- Better LCD
- Instant on (as opposed to Canon's 3 sec.)
- Various metering options

- Cheaper
- ISO 100
- 7 point AF (as opposed to Nikon's 5 point)
- Cheaper lens in the long run

These are just things I found on the Internet, if I am wrong about any of these, please let me know. Basically, I want the power of digital in the control of an SLR. I'm very poor, but also don't want to regret buying one over the other. I want something that's versatile for takingPortraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, etc. My only SLR experience is with a Canon AE-1 (50mm) and my most "advanced" digital camera experience is with an Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom.

ANY input would be greatly appreciated.

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My personal opinion based on Steves Reviews is the D70. Why?More flexability.


Check it out. Both are good cameras but when I went to our local camera shop and held both the nikon felt 'right' in my hands.

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