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Hi everyone,

I have spent many hours browsing websties for digital cameras. I want something that is small, with atleast 2x optical zoom and 3 mps. I would like the camera to start up and get ready to shoot quickly, so I don't miss any 'kodak moments' (I am a teen, and teens have TONS of those moments :whack. I will mostly use the camera for taking pictures of my friends and family, butwould also like to be able to take pretty decent action shots with it (surfing, snowboarding -- that sort of stuff). I would also like something lightweight and durable, so I can take it to school without weighing down my already heavy back-pack. I have been looking at many Canon, Casio, and Nikon models. I have not narrowed it down to one particular Canon modeled, but am very interested in the Casio EX-Z30 and the nikon coolpix 3700. Are these models any good? Are there better ones out there?

Here is a list of my most important qualities in order from best to worst.
  1. Size and light weight[/*]
  2. Quality of Pictures[/*]
  3. Durability[/*]
  4. Fast shutter speed and Start time[/*]
  5. Abiltity to take decent 'action' shots[/*]
  6. Movie Mode (preferably with sound)
I have Under $300 US to spend.



If you would like to talk to me personally, my e-mail is [email protected] and my AIM Screenname is warestheblonde.
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Hi Laura,

The tough part is the $300 budget. If you can do $350, then there are some good choices.

I've owned two Casios - the QV-R41 and the EX-Z40. I liked them both very much because of the fast responsiveness. However, I ended up selling both because the picture quality was mediocre when compared to Sony and Canon. Also, the Casios are terrible indoors due to the weak flash and long recycle time.

The Konica Minolta G400 is supposed to have a high speed focusing technology. I tried this camera. Unfortunately, the high speed focus does not work. Nor did it work for anyone else (see bulletin boards).

Here's what I suggest: #1 - the Sony P100. You'll freak out when you see how fast this is. You definately won't miss any kodak moments. This camera is great outdoors. Indoors, it's not as fast at focusing. Also, the pictures indoors lack detail due to the noise reduction processing. If you can accept less performance indoors, then you should like this camera. My second choice for you is the Canon S410. Indoors, it is superior to the Sony P100 in both flash power, picture quality, and speed. If you want slightly better picture quality indoors and can sacrifice a little on outdoor focus speed, then go for the Canon.
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You might also look at the P-93 and P-73. Both take AA batteries and are almost as good as the P-100 according to the reviews. They are also a bit less expensive. The P-73 is a 4MP camera. Look at the people shots here and at www.dcreview.com. Form factor on all of them is about the same. They also do IR photos and focus well in very low light.

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Bill may have meant for you to be looking at http://www.dpreview.com.

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I have the Canon SD200 andI think it's the one for you.

It's 4.1 oz, alot lighter than the SD100 and competitive with the casio and pentax for lightest 3x zoom camera. For comparision, the S500 is about 70% heavier and the SD110 is about 50% heavier

Metal body over 85% of exposed area with a plastic side with the battery and usb cover.

Quality of pictures: I have been impressed with the picture quality and "other reviewers" have said that the SD200 has a better quality than the SD300 for some technical reasons.

The camera has a setting for action shots (though it's weak in that I have to select in on a on-screen menu instead of a dial).

It's $299 at retail with lower prices online.

I had a similar feature set I was looking for when I got it last tuesday. I recieved $350 store credit for a warranty replacement and I considered the Nikon 3700, the Sony P100, and would have seriously looked at the Pentax optio S4i if it had been carried. This camera was the lightest and I was in love with the Canon series.

Keep in mind as you price the camera (since you are on a budget) that you should budget in the cost of a serious memory card. These camera come with 16 or 32 MB and you should consider a 128 MB card the minimum so you can take photos and videos.
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Wow. Thanks for all the great input. I went to Circuit City today to hold a few of em, and I really liked the nikon 3200. I have also looked on-line, and thought the minolta g400 was pretty spiffy as well. I fiddled with some canons at Circuit City, and they are very nice, but I thought they were sort of weird feeling to hold (maybe I'm just no used to it). Well, anyways, if you guys have any strong feelings on the following cameras (good or bad feelings), please let me know. I LOVED the feel of the Sony s100, but it was just too expensive. I also thought the sony s73 were a little to big for my likings.
  • nikon 3200 [/*]
  • olympus stylus[/*]
  • minolta g400
Thanks Again,


*also, MontiCarlo: I noticed that you did not like the minolta g400. Could you please link me to the boards (or show me where they are) that have reviews on that?
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