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Muskrat Sam

You still have to hold the camera up to your face. That's not very conveniant some times. For instance, I have a ten month old. I can get her to smile a lot easier when she can see me vs. an object between us.
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Hey everybody. I really appreciate your help. I went with the....


Factors that helped me decide:

1) Warranty: If you get the dSLR, the warranty is worldwide! Not so with the other cameras. So if I bring it back to the US and have a problem, I can warranty it through CanonUSA!

2) TTL:I like this..something that the G6/Pro-1 don't offer. I'm sure I'll miss the LCD asviewfinder though.

3) The feel of the camera in my hands.

4) The salesguy. He loves photography (film & some digital) and saidthe same stuff you guys did on the website. I didn't feel like he pushed me any way.

5) Price: They salesguy made me a great deal with the Kit/CFcard/etc.

I've had fun with the camera so far, even though I've had a cold so I haven't really done any outside pics...mostly shoes,husband, variousitems I can set up around the house to practice.I don't know much about photography so can't offer anyone any technical blah blah....maybe later?

Again, thanks!!

PS. For anyone trying to decide, I think going and looking at the cameras was well worth it...epecially if you've narrowed it down and cannot make the decision. There is something about feeling the product...rather than just seeing it on the computer screen.

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