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I sold my nikon 5700, it was too much fuss, too slow, took too long to start up, and was too bulky to carry around. I only took it when I knew I was going to use it, like family get togethers or outings.
I never used any of the features of the 5700, I just left it on auto and clicked away.

I'm looking for a decent compact camera I can throw in my pocket and take with me all the time.
I use it both indoors and out, half and half.
I need reading glasses so that may be a factor, the Nikon had dioptic adjustment for the viewfinder which was nice. I'd hate to have tograbmy glasses everytime I wanted to take a picture.
I needed glasses for the lcd so I barely ever used it.

So here's the deal, I'm going to buy it through the computer purchase program at the college where I teach and I want to get it this week so I went to Staples and Costco where the college shops

Here's the compacts they got...
Pentax Optio S4 Kitwith case and abunch of stuff
Pentax Optio S40
Minolta G500
Olympus C-60
Fuji FinePix E510
Sony T1
Sony W1
Cannon Powershot G1

I was going to get either the Pentax Optio S4 or the Sony T1, they look like they would fit in my pocket nicely.
I heard terrible things about the Sony T1's indoor pictures, but that nice big lcd might actually be usable without my glasses.
I like the little Pentax S4,except that power button.
Maybe the Pentax 540... uses double A's, not too much bigger.
The others start to get a little big for my pocket.
The Olympus C-60might be worth the extra size, but I think it's slow like the 5700 was.

So what do I get?
I took a bath on the 5700 and dont want to go through that again.


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