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Hi, I would like tto get someadvice on choosing a camera (first in private use- had been using dad's Canon S1 from work )

It's been almost 3 months now - still can't choose. First it was Pentax Optio 30 vs Pentax S30. Now I'm trying him to get the new Canon SD200, but he keeps offering me other cameras eg:twodays agohe offered me Panasonic DMC-LC43, which is bigger. Note, that the price is almost the same on allof theasecameras.

What wold suit me: a really Compact or Ultra Compact Camra, which makes nice pictures. (great deffinition, eh? )

Are any ot theese cameras any good, or should I go for something like Minolta G400/Xg/31?

Thank you in advance.:G

oh, and I forgot: What card should I buy whith a camera 128 would be fair enough, since 256 is overbuget
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It all depends on what you want to do and if you like to take it to the manual controls.

I like Canon very much, but they're a little pricey and the SD series lack on the manual controls.

Currently I have a G400 and I just love the camera despite it's very poor capability of taking low ligth pictures (this is when I must take it to manual and take excellent pictures).

I also deal with a friends Casio but, again, no manual controls.

Personally I don't like the Pentax compact cameras, but it's just me.

If you want a great camera for little money, get a Minolta G series. Either one is good and cheaper than the equivalent cameras from other manufacturers. Read the reviews here in Steve's site and compare the sample pics.
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The SD200 is good. I have had mine for a week and it takes a good night shot, great day and macro shots,incredible video and has been more than I expected (I got it (for free) to replace a SD100 and was not expecting it to be as small or have so many improvements).

As to memory cards: It depends on your use. I just replaced a 128 MB with a 1 GB 32x memory card. They are not expensive anymore, relative to camera costs. I spent $60 (after rebate) on the GB card. I replaced the card for pure video purposes. I take medium quality, high resolution shots. The 128 card holds 128 of the shots give or take a dozen. Mind you, if its full, then you will have to start deleting until you get to your computer. Video on the other hand, will kill a memory card. 640x480/30fps video takesover 1 MB/sec and has made me a reencoding junkie on my laptop.

Pentax vs Canon... I know the debate... it was my debate in getting a camera. The pentax weighs less (even the SD200 doesn't fit into an altoids tin, the shutter button and side handle stick out) and has a higher resolution for the money. The canon takes a better picture, is quicker to startup and take pictures and has better video.

To the Panasonic... I have no idea. I don't like the handle thing on the front because I like to keep it in my pocket so I want as close toa rectangular box as possible. Same with minolta. There are of course other camera with similar form/function:

Sony DSC-L1; P100/P150

Casio Exilm series

Kodak LSC 743/753

Fuji F440/450

Olympus Stylus Verve, D590, Ferrari

Nikon 3700/4200

I love the fuji and olympus brands but the XD memory cards give me pause since they are brand specific. The sony's are similar.
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Thank you for the opinions. For manual controls - don't really know... I don't think, I need them THAT much As for pictures - haven't seen any SD200 ones to compare ( I mean two same pictures, but with different cameras). I've also heard, that SD200 makes too much purple flaring (or how it's called?)- As for G400 - can't find one. It is to be said an old camera and "we don't recommend it". For the way it lookes - I like SD best. Haven't seen one, though since it still hasn't got to shop (althou the commersal and price is aviable for 3 weeks now). I don't need 5Megapixel - 3 (maximum 4) would be enough.

As for Pentax- S30 looks nicer, than Optio 30 and has something bigger/better (don't really remember).For Olympus -wasearlier thinking of MJU 300. Nikon.. well hard to find one here and 4200 is overbuget.Samewuth Sony.Haven't seen any Casios around as well.

Minolta Xg looks kinda strange. I'm still a bit conserned about that mirror-zoom thing,although a salesman told me it's OK (one big peace, nothing will happen, works as well as..) And it was really hard NOT to put my finger in front of the "lens"
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