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Nikon Coolpix 5700 - White Spots...

Hi, I just started to look for a new digital camera. I am pretty close to buying a Nikon Coolpix 5700... but then I saw the sample photos on Steve's Digicams. There are 2 white spots, both on the right side of his most of his images. I think these are called burned pixels. Is this a common problem with Nikon?

I like the features of the 5700. The model is a few years old now and you can get a new one for $419.00. Does anyone have any suggestions about a different model with the same features for about the same price... I have also been looking at Panasonic and Fugi. From what I've been reading their image quality is not the best... thank you, Karen

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I bought a 5700 when they first came out.
Very versatile, lots ofcool features, the swivel lcd is awesome.
Pictures are great.
It's a little slow on startup and returning from sleep mode.
And it's a bit clunky, not condusive to spontaneous moments.
Also, the shutter lag when using the flash was hideous.
I have so many pictures of the ground from handing a bystander the camera and asking them to take a picture of us. They inevetiably mash the shutter button then point it down, and bang, the flash goes off.
Be careful when putting the thing in a camera case or bag, it's easy to turn it on when doing so and the lense extends possible damaging it inside the case.
Also my flash decided it didn't want to pop up after the first month or two, I had to give it a nudge after that any time flash was required.

I didn't realize you could get one so cheap now, I paid $1000 and change when I got mine.
I just sold mine to get a more compact camera that would be more practical for taking with me.

Good luck
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