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I've been looking at cameras for a while now, and I can't decide whether to buy a Canon A-95 or a Canon IS-S2 when it comes out. I'm looking for a good point and shoot camera, that I can print off the photo's I take in any size, whether that be 5'8 or 11'16. I know the S2 is more of complex camera and all, but I really am drawn to it for it's zoom capabilities. I'm very impressed with the A-95's 3x zoom, if it had a larger zoom (5x or 8x) i would definatly go out and get one today, but i'm not sure! Also, can anyone ensure that the S2 will be out before say, May or June? I will needa camera beforeJuly.

What do you guys think

Thanks for your guys opinions and thoughs!
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Talking about cameras that don't exist is like talking about earth being taken over by aliens :? We don't know if S2 will be released--or when? We also don't know what features it has...

Having said that, if the S2 IS released, it will definitely be better than the A95 (simply because there is 6 month gap between the two). However, the A105 (or whatever) will likely be similar to S2.

I don't think these two (A95 vs S1 IS) can be compared. The A95 is more of a high-end point & shoot, while the S1 is a mid-end ultra-zoom. People who buy the A95 necessarily won't consider the S1 and vice versa.

My opinion is that you are not going to get a camera with high zoom AND high megapixel, with point and shoot features, unless you go into the higher-end prosumer cameras (eg. Canon PowerShot Pro1). The zoom cameras are generally in their own class. For instance, I am pretty sure that the A100 or A105 or A200 (or any other future model in the recent future) will NOT have image stabilization, whereas the high-zoom cameras will. Conversely, the A-line will always have much larger LCD screen while the zoom ones will likely lag behind.
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I would say each camera has it's strong point and you have to decide which is most important to you.

The A95 (or A75, A85) is very much a pocketable camera and relatively unobstrusive. Another pocketable camera,comparable in format but more sophisticated in functions (also expectedly pricier) is the S60 & S70.

TheIS-S1features the nice zoom range, although apparently at the cost of some image softness.Of course the IS-S1 is also more expensive.

If you are looking at this level of camera I don't think that megapixel differences or CCD size are going to mean that much. So if you say zoom range is very important then go for the IS S1, or whatever follows it.
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