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I've basically got my two camera choices, and I'm at the point where I'm ready to buy.

Choices DSC-F717 or Eos Digiatl Rebel

We are taking digital pictures of 500-600 of motorcycle parts a day for listing on ebay. They will either be in 640X480 format or will be resized for web quality.

Priorities are in order

SPEED of "refresh" how fast myself or the guys can take pictures. Not "burst" fast but probably 1 to 2 seconds MAX until it's ready to fire, with flash again.

DIRECT transfer.This is a must. Iwant the option of having the pictures immediately transferred to the hard drive of the computers instead of to the memory card and then to the hard drive. I have been told it has to be firewire or PTP with USB 2.0 but I'm afraid I can find no documentation on this.

Built in flash. Both have it.

Durability- it's in an industrial environment and will be near grease, oil solvents, dirty boys, careless girls and YIKES lots ofsharp metal objects (gotta watch that lens)

Price- somewhere way down on the list.$$ is really not any consideration. I don't want to waste it, but given the amount of time and money we have wrapped up in the pictures it makes little sense to skimp on the dollars.

I really don't want an SLR (won't be able to put it to the use that it's designed for, kinda like driving a Ferrari out for milk and bread) but it's SO FAST that it makes it worth it.

So- what are your thoughts? Thanks so much Steve for putting this forum on, it's AWESOME you guys are always my first and last stop for our digital stuff needs! I'll be sure to buy through one of the site sponsors if I can.



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Any suggestions on online retailers with good service? Looked throug the sponsors, just want to make sure we are dealing with good after sale folks, don't just want a nice fancy web page. with no service!
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