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I am a MSc Biometrics student currently undertaking a project to look into the effects of illumination on a facial recognition system.
I am using a puppet head against the system and testing the influences of lights that hit the dummy head from various positions in order to establish the limitations of the face recognition algorithm.
I am using the Sony DSC-V1 Digital camera and am trying to use the manual settings for the aperture settings and the shutter speed. I am having problems in clearly identifying which values to assign these two variables to give me the best results, as with other cameras that I have used which do not have the manual setting, have compensated in the light quality of the capture therefore providing me with incorrect data. Therefore forcing me to adjust the camera settings manually.
On the pictures I just want to show how the effect of illumination/light increases as I increase the level of light, with the camera providing me with real life pictures, not being altered in any way.

Your advice and assistance would be deaply appreciated.
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Option 1 (Best) get a light meter. It will allow you to get numbers for both based on the reflected light.

Option 2 (Workable in your situation).. Set your camera to spot metering, then turn on the histogram. Shoot at various values until you get what you like then try and match the histogram to that value.

For more accuracy (both options)put a grey spot in the visible area (Pringle can top or grey card) to allow you to get duplicatable readings.
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Many thanks for your reply I have access to a Gossen Starlite (all-in-one) light meter and wanted to know if I obtained the readings from there, then which readings would I use as I am currently taking readings at 0-240 walts from my dimmer which is connected to 2 tungsten lights. The readings that I obtained differ from every measurements readings, therefore I have 24 readings.

I just need the camera to give me a real life picture of the dummy head, so that I can show the changes in illumination/light that appear on the dummy head. Therefore I wanted to have 24 pictures for each multiple of 10 walts readings to show the advancement of the level of light.

In anticipation of your kind reply.

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