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I am about ready to get a digital camera, and I was planning on getting the Canon A95. Despite some purple fringing issues, I have heard it is a wonderful camera, and I think it would suit my needs wants quite nicely.

I have a Sony High-Definition television, and it has a Sony memory card slot in it. I think it would be really cool to watch a slideshow of pictures on my tv. For this reason, the DSC-P100 is now a consideration.

I would prefer to get the A95 over the DSC-P100, but being able to watch a slideshow on the television would be really cool. Which camera would you pick if you were in this situation and why?

Darn Sony marketing department.....
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If you are a newbie or aren't into technical stuff that much, then the Sony is best. That way all of your tech items use the same standards, probably have better compatibility, etc.

Assuming the two cameras are identical then the Sony one is arguably better for you (even though memory sticks are more expensive than compact flash). I think watching the pics on the tv is a worthwhile feature (assuming you don't have a DVD player and a DVD/CD burner; and if you don't have a computer hooked up to the tv or something)...
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Check the price of media for the Sony, it's probably double that of the compact flash.
Try both cameras for feel, the canon looks a bit more comfortable. You might get a bit less red eye with the sony because the flash seems a bit further from the lens.

Good luck
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umm..it wouldn't be as easy...and probably wouldn't use the remote on the tv...

but you can hook the Canon up using A/V cables (well...cable...lol, yeah..)

then you switch to video 1/2/3 and turn the camera to "play" mode, and it shows wat normally would be on the LCD on the TV instead (can switch over to "shooting" mode and make your guest dizzy and sick! lol)

anyway...you can plug it in, turn it on, and go to "Slide Show" in the menu, and i think you can pick the speed between switching pictures(i could be wrong though...), and then hit start...and it'll go through your pictures...

so, if that's your only reason to pick the sony, and you like the canon better anyway, this might change your decision

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That's true, most digicams do have video out available so being able to put memory cards into a TV would be a moot point...personally I've had my camera hooked up to a digital projector when giving lectures at my camera club when talking about how to use a digital camera, and in most cases it's plug-n-play (except maybe for having to select the NTSC or PAL option if your camera isn't set up for your local video standard).
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