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In Canada I can get the Coolpix 8800 for $1,165 vs. $1,175 for the D-Rebel, so they're essentially the same price.

Nikon pros

I like the smaller size and weight of a prosumer camera, I'm more likely to carry it around and take pictures.

You get an image stabilized lens out to 350mm, which would be costly on the D-Rebel

Canon pros

Larger sensor means less noise and the ability to use higher ISO settings.

Interchangeable lenses.

I'm having a tough time deciding as I'm fairly new to photography. Any and all opinions are appreciated.

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well..you have to realize...the Drebel REALLY isn't just 1,175....lol, unless you only plan on using the kit lens, and a nice big memory card comes with it...

but, for 200 dollars, you can get a nice sigma 70-300mm (APO...make sure you get the APO...lol)lens, and be pretty much set for a while...

basically...a dSLR is more expensive...buuut...the flexibility is amazing...

one word


lol, night shots galore with that!

but, a nice prosumer will help you learn...as long as you have a full manual mode to grow into!

anyway, hope this helps

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I almost bought the 8 mp minolta last spring, that was until I picked one up. The EVF is ok for a video camera but it was horrible for a still camera. I got the Nikon D70 instead. I can tell you that if you are down to these two, get the DSLR. The 8 mp's are not that much smaller anyways. If you want a small carry around camera, you can always get a 4 or 5 MP prosumer down the road
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i'm really confused like you, but i don't know what to choose CP8800 or Pro1. up to now, no one helped me in this, i think because there is no much people have bought CP8800. and i don't know about the pro1, it hase many problems which make you think million times before you buy it.

anyway i like canon more, but CP8800 has more features than pro1 but i don't know its disadvantages yet.(if any1 can help me, i'll be thankful)

about D-rebel, it is for who wants to grow his ability and take more professional pics which i don't want cause i don't want to extend my camera's ability. 8MP with 10X zoom and VR and the most important thing(Photo Quality), is more than enough for me that means CP8800, but wait i don't its problems.

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Get the Rebel, I outgrew my prosumer camera in 8 months, $650 sitting on a shelf gathering dust.
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