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I intend to replace my "old" Canon PowerShot A40. After considering prices and features, I heve restricted my choice to Canon PowerShot A85, Kodak EasyShare DX 7440 and Ricoh Caplio GX. According to the various reviews I've read so far, the GX seems to produce the lowest picture quality in terms of sharpness and noise. But when I compare the samlple pictures in Steve's review, I find the GX's to be the best. Picture R0010058.JPG in Ricoh review is the only one where you can see clearlythe wire netting at the foot of the brick building at the center-right of the picture, and picture R0010042.JPG by GXis where roof tiles of Marina Cafeare better seen.

Has anaybody got an explanation? Is it that tha quality of Caplio GX varies from one sample to another?
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Can't answer the questionabout the Caplio but here is some info I have given to others about the 7440:

There is plenty of info about picture quality - here are some observations from everyday use.

I own a Powershot S45 and the 7440. Both are nice but the edge for my needs goes to the Kodak. The 7440 is just so fast - at startup and lag time. My primary subject is a 3 year old so speed is an issue. Also the flash is a single burst as opposed to the Canon which has a slight strobe effect which renders my subject with half-opened eyes.

And speaking of the flash, it's not that powerful. Here is a link to an observation/question I had before:

Basically the flash illuminates the subject but not much of the background. It's a simple step to enhance an image with iPhoto, PS, or any other image editor. Day light shots are great and the fill-flash works well.

I like the build of the Canon better - feels real solid as opposed to the plastic of the Kodak. They both fit in larger pockets just fine (Cargo pants) but because the Kodak is plastic it doesn't pull down my pants like the Canon does.

Also the LCD is great on the Kodak – Big and bright –
I almost got a Canon A95 because of the swivel screen but the overall speed and LCD size won out.

As for battery life I have two batteries so one is always being charged so it's not that big of a deal. The extra battery was $20 bucks.

The camera doesn't hold a charge with its internal built-in power supply very long so when the Battery Low alert goes on, go ahead and switch batteries. If you don't and the camera sits for a while with no battery, it'll lose the time and date which you will have to reset.

The software works well – I don't use it because I have a different workflow but it is quite intuitive.

I do not have the dock. I prefer to use a third-party card reader to transfer files. For me it's just more convenient.

Regarding lag time or shot to shot time:

1. The image review screen does not have an adjustment - it's either on or off. However, while it's showing you the shot you just took, click again and it will go away and you can click again for the next shot.

2. Turn off the preview and click like crazy.
The cam also has a couple burst modes.

Regardless of what you get keep in mind that you'll probably get a different cam in a couple years so it's not like this is a lifetime commitment. Buy it and be happy.
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Hello Uncool

Thank you very much for your detailed reply. The information you gave me will be useful for my final choice
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