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I'll be purchasing my first Digital Camera soon. Still have to decide between a Nikon D70 and a Canon Digital Rebel. They retail about the same price, nikon is a little more expensive. This camera will be taking vacation/family xmas pictures, maybe some landscapes, I mean, a everyday use camera. So, should I go for the Canon or Nikon.


Sigma 17-35 F/2.8 EX HSM is good?

What about the Sigma EX 18-50 Flavor?

Is sigma good? Or I should go for Nikon/Canon Lenses?

*** My budget is limited to $1400-1600

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I have only heard good things about the Nikon D70.I thought it was about $500 more than the Rebel if you get it with the lens. I have always thought Nikon lenses were better than the Canon lenses.

I'm in the same position as you but I'm trying to decide between the Rebel and the 10D. I can't afford to go the the Nikon but if everything was the same I'd go for the D70.
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I dont know much about Nikon but Ive recently got the rebel with a 300 lens and Im getting great shots out of it. Ive had Canons for years and have found their lenses to be of superb quality.
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The Pentax istd will be out soon and is a more compact camera then the Canon and Nikon. I would wait a few weeks as a review will be avaliable as soon as the camera is released.
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I'll respond to the lense question regarding Sigma. Sigma makes some outstanding lenses. But, just like Canon or Nikon, some are very good and some are not. There are a couple sites which have ratings of various lenses based on good testing techniques (not just opinions) - they are photozone.de and photodo.com - photodo I do not believe is putting up any new lense information but in many cases lenses have been out for 5-10 years so a given lense may still be on there. Where I think Sigma really excels is in the long telephoto range (70-200 2.8, 100-300 4.0, 50-500 4.0-6.3). I have heard very positive things about the 17-35, but a repeated knock is a problem with flare. IMHO you should look at all lense makers when choosing a lense - no single lense company makes the best lense in all focal ranges.
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gvmichel wrote:
Sigma 17-35 F/2.8 EX HSM is good?
FYI: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...09&forum_id=65

One of those shots is pointing right at the morning sun with the Sigma 17-35 F/2.8 EX HSM, so 'flare' is pretty well controlled considering... IMO it's not the lens/camera, but the person behind the lens who realizes how to work his tool regardless of the $ budget. Even a Point & Shoot can make beautiful picture if the photographer 'knows' what to do!

BTW don't overlook the new Minolta D7d either, it comes with the Anti-Shake built-in to the camera so you only have to pay for this feature once! Unlike on each lens if you go with other OEMs... It's low light capability at ISO 3200 is outstanding and has already got several favorable previews :?
:idea: Low-light handheld landscape shoots anyone?
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