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I've been debating between the Canon G6 and the Sony V3 long enough! I wanted to wait for Steve's final review on the V3, but I couldn't wait!

The V3 and the G6 have a similar feel in the hand. I actually liked the feel of the G6 slightly better. I did think the the lens felt a bit more flimsy on the G6. I also love not having to worry about a lens cap on the V3.

After, clicking through the menu's on both cameras, I thought the Sony seemed a bit more simple and user friendly.

I've been leaning towards the V3 for awhile. I've been hearing some people complain about low light autofocus problems with the G6 (there are a few people chatting about it in the Canon forum right now). I've taken a couple dozen shots this evening in my dimly lit living room and I have to say that they are right on focus. The laser-assist auto focus works awesome! Anyway, I won't bash the G6. I think these cameras are probably about as equal caliber as you can get.

I'm also really liking the 7MP's. I have the ISO set at 100. No noise issues yet and I can take most of my shots wide-angle (as wide as the camera allows) and crop away when I'm ready to print.

I would still bet that when the pro's (Steve,dpreview, or whomever) compare the two side by side that Canon will have a slight edge as far as picture quality goes. It seems that Canon usually has a slight edge in that department, but I still believe that when when you print on paper you wouldn't be able to tell which was Sony V3 and which was Canon G6.
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Canon Powershot G6 vs Sony Cybershot V3 shoot-out (courtesy DCRESOURCE):


Funny thing is... some people think the Sony pics are better while some think the Canon are better... I have no idea which one is better, in terms of pic quality
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Hmmm, these are the first comparison photos I've seen. I didn't see any opinions posted by the dcresource people, but in my opinion it's like I thought, I think the Canon has a slight edge in detail. But the Sony is shooting at a slightly higher ISO 100 than the Canon 50 (I know that they are probably a little closer in reality) and they both have different saturation values. In my opinion, not enough difference to make or break either camera. I'd say that if the person shopping for a prosumer type camera is not happy with either of these they should start looking at dSLR instead.

Anywho, I'm happy with my results so far with my V3. I also like that the camera holds both memory stick and compact flash at the same time. I have a couple mem stick pros. I going to use a 1GB compact flash as my main card... when it get's full I can flip the switch and go to my 256mb memory stick pro. Kinda like having a reserve back-up tank!
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