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Hi Folks,

I was trying to determine which digicam to buy and I had some questions.

Some Criteria...
-Lots of zoom
-Manual Focus capability
-Good autofocus
-Lens stabilization (do I really need this?)
-Good Shutter Lag
-Manual controls
All of these help me get the picture I want to get...speed for candid shots and zoom to get to shots and stabilization to make sure the pics are in focus.

So, the cameras below (I believe) meet all those requirements. So, then the decision is on picture quality (trying not to let price get too much in the equation, but you'll see my thought process below). I've been reading about sensor size vs megapixels and wanted to see if my thoughts are in the right direction. I have a friend with a D1 and he said he'd put his 2.7 megapixels up against these 8 megapixel prosumer cameras based on the fact that the D1's sensor is much bigger and therefore takes much better pics.

-I like the manual focus on the lense ring.
-I really like the price for what I get, but the sensor is a little small.
-F2.8 throughout the zoom range...do you think this is makes a huge difference?

*Coolpix 8800
-It's alot more than the FZ-20, but I could do it if the pics are better.
-Question: Given the sensor is 2/3 (compared to 1/2.5 for the FZ020), "should" the pics have less noise and greater dynamic range (and in general be sharper) if I take pics on the 8800 at 5 megapixels?

-If I'm looking at $999 list on an 8800, should I just suck it up and go with the D70 or EOS300D (whose sensors are both around 4/3...although at few megapixels) with a 28-200mm zoom (thinking that the pics will be even better given the bigger sensor)?
-I know there is some degradation with using such a big zoom, but would this still be better than/equal to the zoom on the Coolpix 8800 or FZ-20?
-Stabilization - Canon doesn't have stabilization on the 28-200 zoom. Nikon has it only at 24-120mm. Is this feature that important? Should I make this a hard requirement?
-Given the sensor is not full frame 35mm, will the zoom be around 1.5x? 28-200 is more like 42-300?

Anything else I should be considering?



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I'm not an expert in cameras so take it for what it's worth...

I don't think you can compare a DSLR of any kind to the prosumer cameras. The DSLRs are totally different: big and costly while being able to produce very hiqh quality pics with VERY LITTLE noise in diverse situations, and are very fast (usually 2fps+ minimum while capturing RAW images). The DSLRs have far more manual control, pretty much require a tripod, and so on.

So, your first decision is whether you want a DSLR (not what to compare betwen a DSLR and a prosumer camera)...
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