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i am an old nikon film shooter ready to make the move with a dslr.my nikon lenses are old manual focus lenses so they would not be compatible with the nikond70 so in essence i am starting from new.I have done research on the two cam,eras and the strong points on nikon are better flash sync better focus problem free out of the box, canon has higher iso speed megapixels and shutter frame bursts...although many lock up issues right out of the box as well as complaints on back focusing.Being a newbie i want to get the best camera with the least amount of worries.I plan on using the camera for sports and would like the frame burst speed of the canon,but i hear the kit lens from canon stinks.HAS ANYONE HERE USED BOTH.....???? any feedback and or comments ? thanks
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I own the 20D and I would recommend this camera without hesitation. The firmware update fixed the lockup and CF card problems. I never experienced the lockup or CF card problems. It should also be noted that the D70 also has already had a firmware update since it release.

The major issue with entering the DSLR relam is not the camera body but the lenses. I think that Canon has great quality lenses (IMHO) - oh heck I am not really that humble. The 18-55mm kit lens is not top of the line lens but is an adequate lens for $100. The 18-85mm kit lens for $600 is another story. I would opt to purchase the 17-40mm/L lens for about the same price.

You need to analyze your shooting preferences and research the lenses for each camera. IMO Canon would still be my choice.
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You should not discount the Minolta D7D either

Excellent high ISO with Anti-Shake built-in to the body -> you only pay for this IS/VR feature once! :idea:
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Unless the frame burst speed of the camera your buying approachs 7 fps, you might be dissapointed. To me, 3 or 4 fps cameras doesn't cut it for fast sports action.

I go with Gibson's recommendation above; first figure out the focal length and specs of the lens you need and the manufacturer who will give you best bang for you're buck. Then figure outwhich body to buy to fit the lense.


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