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I have been reviewing various cameras for ages but am not getting anywhere! I mainly photograph landscapes, hence my real interest in Nikon 8400 with the wide angle lens. I am not at all bothered about indoor or action shots andI like to have enlargements of landscapes. I like the size and ease of use of prosumer compared to SLR, esp. with all of the various 'scene' selections. Whilst mainly a point & shoot, Iwant to learnabout photography & the 8400 seems to have more than enough manual controls. (I am not new to digital - I own a Sony P50). My problem is that all the reviews say SLR's are much better quality and thus dont go for a prosumer. Yet, at the same time, SLR reviews say they are not for beginners etc! I want good quality photos which can be enlarged. The nikon 8400 and Canon EOS 300D both say they will print to A3. Is there much difference in print quality when hung on my wall? Sorry for such a long post & thanks for any advice - Pete
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For your application I'd suggest the prosumer, for the following reasons:

1) If you intend to enlarge and hang on the wall - especially if you intend to crop and enlarge selections - resolution becomes an issue. The prosumer has 8 mp vs 6 mp for the EOS 300D.

2) The type of lens you require for your purposes does not need to have particularly clever optics.A good qualityprosumer zoom lens should do just fine.

3) The other main virtue of the SLR - optical TTL viewfinder - would not really be an advantage for the type of photography you want to do.

All things considered, I'd recommend you take advantage of the compactness and more integrated package of the prosumer. (And probably less expensive.)

Consider also the Canon Powershot Pro 1, which has 28 mm equivalent at the wide end, and is probably a better lens overall.

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