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I want to acquire a digital camera, but I am undecided between these 3 models:
- Canon PowerShot G6;
- Fujifilm FinePix S7000;
- Minolta DiMage 7;
Maybe the better thing is test each camera to choose the best for me. Because I can't do that, I need your help: which would you choose?
Thank you very much.

Augusto (Torino - Italy)
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When buying a camera, it's a good idea to have an understanding of the conditions you'll use it in more often, to try and determine what features are more important.

Many of the "What camera should I buy posts" go unanswered, because it's simply too difficult to tell what model may be a better choice for a given user (without a much better understanding of that user's needs and background).

BTW, the Minolta DiMAGE 7 was discontinued a long time ago (it wasfirst introduced in 2001). It wasreplaced by the DiMAGE 7i, which was replaced by the DiMAGE 7Hi, which was replaced by the DiMAGE A1, which has recently been replaced by the DiMAGE A2. There is also a newer model that should start shipping soon (the DiMAGE A200 -- although the DiMAGE A2 is likely to remain in production for a while).

Is this a used DiMAGE 7 you're looking at, and does it have some special feature you need (for example: InfraredSensitivity)?

How are the newer models priced in comparision (for example, the DiMAGE A1)?

You may also want to give users more information on what you are looking for in a camera. The Fuji and Minolta models have more optical zoom compared to the Canon, and the Fuji is likely to bea faster cameras from an Autofocus Perspective.The newer Minolta Models should also be faster (you're looking at an older, discontinued Minolta model).

Yet, the Canon has it's benefits (very bright f/2.0-3.0 lens -- useful for existing light photos in some conditions).

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