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I'm looking to buy a new dig cam but can't quite find whatI want. There are three things that I want in a camera but can't find all three things in the same camera.

Does anyone have any recommendation for a camera with all three of these features:

1. date stamp on pics

2. 8x - 10x optical zoom

3. uses AA Nimh batteries instead of a proprietary battery


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Digital Camera image fileshave a header that contains the camera settings used for the photo called the EXIF. This header also includes the date and time. You can actually use software to stamp the date on your photos later if desired (which is usually a better way to go, since you don't have a date stamp ruining part of the image if you want to enlarge and frame it).

One package that can use this information information in the EXIF to date stamp your photos EXIFER. The watermark feature has this ability (and it's free software):


The other thing I'd reconsider is AA batteries. I've had cameras that have used both proprietary lithium ions, and AA NiMH Batteries. Personally, I've come to prefer the Lithium Ions. They're easier to use (no worrying about fumbling with multiple batteries, trying to make sure the polarity is correct when inserting them in the camera and charger, etc.). They also hold their charge a little better when sitting on the shelf unused. Also, Generics are pretty inexpensive (the ones for my latest camera can be found for under $10.00, even though the name brand ones from the manufacturer run around $50.00).

Personally, I'd never let battery or memory type influence my decision in a camera. I think that image quality, features, etc., are far more important considerations.

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