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When can we expect it?

I have heard some good's but also some bad things about this camera.

So what you say Steve, is the T-3 worth for a Christmaspresent?:-D
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One thing about the 'perfect camera' is that IT hasn't been invented yet!!":sad:

It often confuses new buyers to hear that such and such a camera has a particular annoyance. They don't have enough experience to know which issues are avoidable with proper camera handling and which are serious design flaws for which there is nothing the user can do about it. Also, many of the criticisms by camera enthusiasts amount to nit-picking over insignifcant technicalities that are of no importance to the average user. Yet, while these issues may be of some interest to technophiles the areguments only serve to spread 'fear, uncertainty and doubt' :? smong new buyers. They don't know what is important and what is not in order to evaluate the reviews and comments.

It is like arguments among audio enthusiasts over .125% distortion between different speakers. It is important to them and completely insignificant to the rest of the world! :O

So, don't expect perfection and you won't be disappointed.

Besides, I have the Sony V3 which has attracted a lot of this nit-picking criticism and, I am happy to say, the predictions of problems have not materialized.
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I only can agree with you Maryl.

I am new to all this Digital Camera world and still need to collect allot of infos before I can see for my self, what is good, needfull or bad :roll:

The only bad thing everybudy is telling about the T-3, is the poor performance in indoor areas. As I have no chance to test the cam by my self, I wan't to get the most reviews from all users who already have this Cam. "specialy Steve's review"

That there never will be a "perfect" camera, is sure....if it would, no budy ever would buy a nother camera again then this one.

Hope to get more infos from all T-3 users....good but also the bad things about it.



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