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I've been searching for a camera for a couple of weeks now, and have no narrowed my choices down to the Cannon Powershoot S1 IS, and the Panasonic Lumix DMC F-20. The Panasonic, while financially a big stretch for me as a novice, it's tempting me with it's 5mp as opposed to the 3.2 of the Canon.

However, there are two very cheap Canon's availible on ebay at the moment. I reckon I could get one of them for 200/$260/140. Is this too good an offer to refuse?

I'm also wondering about shipping cost. I live in Ireland. One of the cameras is in Germany, the other in America. How much will I be paying in shipping charges and tax?

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If you are in Ireland and the camera comes from Germany, I don't think you'll have to pay any tax (ie. customs). Ask the seller to provide you with the shipping costs. He's the only one who can provide you with accurate charges. Also, check your customs' website for any additional charges, if any.

Buying from ebay is not bad at all, I do that all the time.But make sure you check the seller's 'reputation'. If he's got good feedbacks, there's not much to worry about.

By the way, if you are buying a camera from overseas, I'd include an insurance to the shipping costs. But as I said, ask the seller for more detailed info.

Good Luck!

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My decision came down to the Canon S1 IS and the Panasonic DMC-FZ3 (the FZ3 is comparable to S1 IS while the FZ20 is higher-end). The FZ20 has a few key features that the S1 IS/FZ3 don't have. Some of these features include: flash hot-shoe (you can attach external flashes), larger LCD screen(!!!), 5 MP as you mentioned, and so forth. So the FZ20 doesn't just have more megapixels, but also some other key stuff.

In any case, I just bought the S1 IS two weeks ago for roughly US$350 from some US online store. Since you are buying off e-bay (possibly from a lesser known source), it doesn't surprise me that you can get the camera for US$260. $260 isn't THAT out of the ordinary but it IS on the low side... I'm also not sure if this is a brand new camera or not (is it new?)... used for $260 would obviously be normal... I'm not sure if the 140 you quoted is in US$ but if it were, that would look fishy to me.
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No, the 140 is British Sterling.

I think I may fork out the extra money for the Panasonic.
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streetprices had the s1 this week for about $200 US

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