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You see what happens when you get started with digital cameras? It starts with a few simple ideas, and grows from there. When you begin to look more carefully and ask questions, you can only guess where you'll end up. Usually getting more info than you knew was out there, and more than happy with the result. (Mmmmmmmm....Steve's digicams....awwwwwgggghhhhhh!!!) Sounds like you're onto a great camera, I just read Steve's review. Good luck...best regards,

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twmarsh... just go out and pick yourself up a brand new C-8080 Wide Zoom, period.

It's made by Olympus; It is 8 Megapixels and has 5X optical zoom. This camerahas without question, the best resolution of all current point & shoot digicams... and better resolution than several dslr's; noise is very low and image is smooth. It is simple to use with room to grow.

Not many people will recommend this camera because it's out of there price range for a P&S,soit's above their radar... I've used it and printed from it and it's good, very good.

You can look it up here http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympusc8080wz/

...or here http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_reviews/c8080.html

and you can buy it from onea well established dealers such as http://www.adorama.com/IOMC8080.html...&item_no=8............... avoid internet scam artist/dealers (most of the internet stores).

Wolf camera/Ritz, and other chain stores may also carry it.

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Yes, but court use can dictate the need for proof of authenticity of individual pics.
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