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I am looking for a digicam (5MP and up) that will produce natural skin tones and no red eyes. My youngest daughter has hassle green eyes and always gets red eyes. I know that I can get an external flash to prevent this but I was wondering if there is a digicam that can handle this without the use of an external flash (my wife wants minimal gear)? THANKS!
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As a general rule, the closer a flash is located to the camera's lens, the greater the potential for redeye.

I don't know of a good way to compare models (since lightingconditions, subject distances and angles, etc., vary too greatly to be a reliable way to measuring this problem). One photo taken at 3 feet away may look fine, and another at 6 feet away may have terrible redeye, etc.

Subcompact cameras are notorious for bad redeye (since the flash is so close to the lens). Even slightly larger models can still have the problem in some conditions (Canon G series, etc.).

Most models do have a redeye reduction flash mode. This can reduce (but not always eliminate the problem). These modes work by using a preflash (or series of preflashes), to help shrink your subjects pupils. Personally, I don't like these flash modes (I get subjects with closed eyes, ruined facial expressions, etc.) when I use red eye reduction flash modes (and they don't always eliminate it anyway). But, they can help.

I'd look for a larger model, with a popup flash located as far away from the lens as possible if you don't want to use an external flash. This should reduce the number of photos with the problem (depending on the amount of light available, the distance to your subject, etc.).

If you must have a small camera without an external flash, your best bet is to use software to correct it. Many image editors can do this quickly and easily.

BTW, there are some small cameras with redeye correction built in now:




Make sure to compare flash range when shopping, too. You'll usually see two ranges listed in the specifications formost cameras (range at full wide angle, range at full zoom). This is because most lenses lose a lot of light when using zoom. Many models are also using Auto ISO for the flash ratings (which means that they're are increasing ISO speed to get the statedrange, which can add noise to your photos).
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I have been very impressed with the lack of red eye on pictures from the Kodak DX7440. I do not own one of these, but the pictures I've seen posted seem to have less trouble with red eye than those from most of the othre cameras. This camera is fairly small, 4x zoom 4megapixel, and has a good sized LCD.
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