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Hello, I recently tried out a friends Sony Cybershot 5 megapixel camera. Sorry I don't remember what model number. While using the camera (I loved it btw) I found that all the symbols on the dials, commands, menu and in the LCD Monitor, etcare so small that even with my reading glasses on I had horrible time trying to use the camera and see what functions I was trying to select. I had to take numerous pictures for a used car dealer and use a magnifying glass to read the camera and ended up so frustrated. The job took twice as long cause I could notsee the functions are the LCD Monitor text to make my selections. You would think since 1/2 of the poplulation is getting older and their eyes as well the manufacturers would keep the consumers needs in mind.

My question is "What camera has settings large enough for us Middle Aged Consumers to use without carrying around a magnifying glass or lens to be able to use it? The price range I would be interested in is around $300-$400 and would still like a 5 megapixel. Durability likean old Sony Mavica I use to have would be nice as I would like to be able to use this camera for the high school also. An ultra compact would be great but obviously readability is an issue on those.

Thank you!

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Not sure why 5 meg is important to you? You can get tremendous detail with a quality 4 meg camera. On a 42" HDTV Samsung screen my 4 meg pictures, shot with a Canon S400, look absolutely amazing.

11X14 enlargements are first rate too.

Have a close look at the new Canon SD300. It has the much bigger 2"LCD screenand in addition the icons actually enlarge on the screen as you target them. You'll get to knowthe other controls, without looking at them, in no time at all.

I'm looking at the SD300 for exactly those same reasons.

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Sigh the wonders of getting to a ripe age. :G

I am using a fairly cheap lcd hood/viewer(not sure what it is called exactly), it is a black plastic thing that covers the lcd and blocks it from bright lights, it also has a 4x magnifier in it. attaches to the cameras by Velcro. works on my nikon 5400 and on my dslr(although I would never chimp so it is not really needed). :G

BTW: the lime green text color you used is just about impossible to read against the light gray background on a laptop.

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OK, I got the SD300 and now have 10 days to decide if I'm going to keep it.

After taking the first few pictures my response is all WOW !

The larger screen really does make a difference BUT the way the Icons for the flash or macro and other settings enlarge on the screen when those settings are being accessed, is the answer to my prayers.

No more reading glasses to change settings!

Now I can only hope that when I do my side by side picture tests between the SD300 and the S400, the pictures from the new toy will be at the quality level that I've become accustomed to with my S400. Hopefully the mention of purple fringing in other reviews is greatly exagerated, as so often is the case in reviews.
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