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Hello forum!

I'm a complete newbie. I've been taking photos since I could toddle, but I've only realised recently how wonderful they are for provoking my memory and reminding me of evens. Plus I like the odd wallpaper for my desktop.

Recently I decided to replace my ageing fuji mx1200 with a similar point and click camera. I took a long time looking for a suitable camera and finally settled for the Nikon 3700. Some of you may think this was a dubious choice - especially since in the UK, only Dixons stock them.

I went for this camera because: It wasn't the most expensive camera out there, it took both over the counter batteries and rechargeables, slim & light but had a good feeling of quality & took adequate photos. Going from 1.3mpx to 3.2 mpx was a leap for me, and I was very pleased with the results and have taken hundreds of photos with my little metal friend. That was until last week when I visited my parents and used it to take a couple of shots for an ebay auction. During the clearup, they must have picked it up with the rubbish and thrown it in the skip. Unfortunately it also contained my 512MB flash card!

Out came the household insurance and their wallet. Fortunately I was able to find a returned Nikon 3700 to replace my lost one. I still morn its loss though. IMHO, it's a beautful well built camera.

On the spur of the moment (last week) I decided to goto Hong Kong. I believe I can pick myself up an SLR bargain out there (Compared to UK £££'s). I'm after a digitalSLR which is good quality, but suitable for a newbie with little money. I'd love a hong kong RRP to compare with the price over here, and if anyone has any experience with importing these into the UK I'd love to find out some info.

With my previously mentioned Nikon, I spent about 2 months researching the right camera for me - I don't have this time right now and would love to draw from your experience.

So what am I going to use it for?

This is not the camera I'm going to cart out clubbing with me (that's the Nikon) but it will be there for family events - my girlfriend is Jewish and their family is both photo mad AND large - my nikon did a good job and got some really good photos.

I'd like to use it for landscapes and macro photography. I've taken some lovely shots of plants, flowers and insects I'm very proud of. I do go hiking - again a job for the nikon but I also go camping withscouts where they do a lot of activities. I'd like to take a few photos that at some point I'd like to turn into posters.

Ambition has always bitten me hard - so if you say "go for this camera, it'll save you 500 ($,£) and means you can bash it around, take good photos and use the lenses with X later in life, I'd be happy to hear from your experience. I'll be active in these forums for the next couple of weeks and I look forward to reading any responses! :- )

Hong Kong is the last stop on my trip. I'm also going to Singapore & Thailand. I shall only be in Hong Kong for about three days.

Edit: What I didn't mention is that I want a camera which I can get more out of than a simple point and click - manual features are something I like to play with, but too many and I'll probably end up blanking them. I'm a Comp. Sci. graduate - so I can handle complex.
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