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JOEBEAR wrote:
3. 4 MP vs 3MP
I'm not too sure about the price differences but this is not a major point because you can get the Panasonic FZ15 if you want 4 MP...

4. Cheaper by $5-15.
You should ignore small differences like that. Yes, $15 is $15, but the bundled software, or some feature here or there, or whatever, will make up for it.

5. Metal vs Plastic
This is a big plus for the Olympus IMO... people won't notice initially but it will matter in the long run IMO...

7. 1.8" vs 1.5" LCD
This is a big difference... the 1.5" is very small... the 1.8" is preferable... (but if you are comparing to the FZ15, I don't know what size that has; the FZ3 (along with S1 IS) are 1.5" )...

8. More resolution selections < max
Irrelevant... you will always shoot at the max resolution with the least compression... the only exception is if you can't afford a decent memory card but these only cost $50 for a fairly large one... you don't really want to shoot at anything less than the camera max because you can always shrink it down afterwards (but can't expand upwards without loss in quality)...

9. Manule focus
Could be a plus...

CONS: 1. 10X VS 12 X ZOOM WITH ONLY 3.7 Aperature
10x vs 12x is not THAT significant... the 3.7 aperture IS a big difference...

2. No IS
Huge difference IN MY OPINION... I would be willing to pay $50 to $70 just for IS (because I don't plan on using a tripod)...

Any head to head conparison of photo quality, IS effect , blur, shutter speed/fstop at long zoom? Help Clear my head with some lessssubjective 'facts?'
It's really tough to get one review showing the impact of all that. Furthermore, not all sites review all cameras so it's tough. You really need to read a bunch of reviews and figure out the details. Make sure you read the best digicam review sites: this one (Steve's), dpreview.com, and dcresource.com. Here are some stuff that may or may not answer your questions:

Photo comparisons

Here are some photo quality comparisons (unfortunately they don't seem to show the Olympus):

FZ3 vs S1 IS vs Fuji S5000 vs Konica Minolta Z2 (resolution comparison):

FZ20 vs Kodak DX7590 vs Fuji 5000 vs Canon S1 (resolution comparison):

FZ3 vs S1 IS photo comparison:



Scroll to the bottom for some pics of the Panasonic IS system at work (note: each company does IS differently so it's hard to compare across brands but nevertheless, these pics should give a rough idea):



Here are the timings for the FZ3:


Unfortunately dpreview.com hasn't reviewed the Olympus it seems so we can't compare.

Roughly speaking the Panasonic is the best at telephoto because it can keep its aperature at F2.8 throughout its zoom (whereas all other cameras have to decrease their aperature as they zoom). BUT I don't know which one has the best shutter lag, and more importantly quicker focus times. Ultra-zooms have problems focusing in low-light (or at telephoto) so I'm not sure which one is best...
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dsuds wrote:
The pics I've taken so far do not have really vibrant color, so they appear a little "flat" or "washed out". This can probably be fixed with an EV setting change, but I haven't played with it yet.

The pictures appear a little bit softer than I expected, when viewed on the computer screen. This is easily fixed by running a usharp mask in post processing, so I don't mind this much at all. My guess is that the camera is designed this way to keep down purple fringing, and it may be common on other cameras as well. I have noticed this softness mentioned about other long zoom cameras.

Have you by chance tried changing the "Picture Adjustment" setting from "natural" to "vivid"? If not, check pg. 76 of the manual - it might be worth a try....

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