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I had a chance to handle three cameras, here they are

Sony DSCP150 7.2 MP's

Sony DSC-W1 5 MP's

Canon A95 5 MP's

I have read all the reviews(I think) of these cameras and they were all positive. I'm pretty close to making a decision so any comments will be appreciated. I will be using my camera for everyday picture taking, nothing extravagant.

:GThank you

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The 150 attracted me but I ended up with the V3 because of the added feature set. Of the three you mention, the P150 stands out.
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Well, you did not told us much about your needs... but from the little you said, I believe a 7mp camera is just too much... First of all, it doesn't give any SIGNIFICANT advantage over the other 2, it takes more space on the memory card.

No, I'd say the battle should be between the A95 and the W1, I personally own the A95 which is a great camera, but some people find it bulky and heavy. The W1 is more compact and lighter, so maybe if u found that those were bad points of the A95. The W1 doesn't have as much manual features as the A95, but maybe you don't plan to ever use those. Also, some people don't like the too powerful noise reduction of the W1, but if you can't see the difference, then just don't be bothered by that.

Finally, there is a difference between the colors of a Canon and a Sony, its really a matter of preferance to choose which one you find are the best. Its nothing DRAMATIC, but it does have some importance since pictures are all about the image.
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P150 because it's fast and fits in your pocketbetter than the A95
Don't worry too much about the file size, just set it to 5MP, if that's your thing.
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Maybe you should add the Canon Powershot S60/S70 to your search. It seems a more capable camera than the A95 and still in the price range the Sonys fall in to.

You said the cameras were for everyday picture taking. What are your photo production needs. Me, I have taken over 2k pictures in the last year and never printed one of them. I just post some on the web and keep the originals on my computer with an ACDsee database. I couldn't justify paying extra for a higher resolution because I don't use the extra data.

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For everyday photo taking, I'd recommend the Canon A95. I used to own one and it has worked great for me.

Best Regards
Gary Hendricks
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