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lilyhouse wrote:
If your budget is limited, and you can't invest in a DSLR model with a high quality prime lens with good macro ability (i.e., 1:1 Macro Lens), then I'd suggest looking through some of the photo sharing albums to see how different camera models handle the types of flowers you'll be taking photos of.
One more question: Do you think I need a digital SLR?

Also--the publications I send to dont require larger than 5mp.
I knew I shouldn't have opened that door. ;-)

If you go with a DSLR model, your cost will be substantially higher to get equivalent results in some conditions. One decent lens can cost more than a "prosumer" camera (and you'll need multiple lenses toget the focal range, macro ability, etc., you'd have ina typical non-DSLRmodel)

Also, there are some differences in how a DSLR handles depth of field compared to a non-DSLR model. For any given aperture, focus distance and 35mm equivalent focal length, you'll have more of the image in focus with a non-DSLR model (because the much smaller sensors in non-DSLR models can use lenses with shorter *actual* focal lengths for any given 35mm equivalent focal length).

So, you have to use a much smaller aperture with a DSLR model to get greater depth of field (whichwill require slower shutter speeds for any given lighting condition and ISO speed).

But, you don't have as much control over making your subject stand out from backgrounds with a non-DSLR model (because oftheirgreater depth of field from shorter focal length lenses, it's harder to blur backgrounds by using larger apertures with non-DSLR models).

This is not as critical at very close ranges (because depth of field becomes more shallow as focus distance decreases). So, a non-DSLR model can be much easier to work with for closeups.

There are pros and cons to both types of cameras. Since you'll be shooting mostly macros in daylight conditions from what I'm gathering from your posts, I think that any benefits you'd get from a DSLR (lower noise, faster operation, betterability to blur backgrounds, etc.) are likely to be minimal. But, I would make sure to get a model that supports shooting in RAW if I were concerned about color accuracy and dynamic range.

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That's one awesome shot! Do they consistently come out that clear?


Thanks again. You know I keep saying I dont need a DSLR and then while I am comparing photos on-line I just keep ending up there. Also by the time you factor in the cost of one of the 8mp pro-sumer cameras you're almost to the Canon Digital Rebel's price--so why not just go for it? The rebel is even lighter weight than the Olympus C-8080 that was my first choice--but in looking at photos it does not give crisp landscape shots and I guess I want excellent macro and very good all around. Guess I just made up my mind!
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Yup--made up my mind and then went and decided on the Canon G6. Hope I made the right decision. Thanks everyone for all the help!
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