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I am looking for a manual camera. The three cameras i am interested in are the

Canon powershot a95 (£215 ish)
kodak dx7590 (£250 ish)
panasonic fz20 (£340 ish)

I am currently a beginner that has basic knowledge on camera functionality and taking pictures. I would like to make a good investment that would allow me to progress once i pick up more skills. I would like the investment to last a long time (3 yrs+).

My requirement are:

having good zoom. producing excellent images. being easy to use. allows me to progress in creativity by using more and more manual controls.

i like the size of the kodak dx7590 and is very well priced @ £250ish and seems to offer me good value for money in terms of all the functions it has for the price.

the downside i have seen to the kodak is that it does not offer me manual focus nor does it offer me manual white balance. being a beginner i do not know whether or not i will need this function. the canon and panasonic offer both these functions.

please could recommend me a camera from the above or suggest other models within the price range of £200-350ish mark and offer me excellent manual controls.

thanking you in advance for any help given.

(sorry if double post......forum seems to be messing up)
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Those are in different categories... the Panasonic FZ20 costs 30%-50% more than the others so it isn't directly comparable. The best one out of the ones you listed is the FZ20--but that should be obvious by looking at the price.

The A95 is a general point&shoot geared towards the general population so I would stay away from that if you are into amateur photography. It's a good camera but it's for the mainstream (it's a compact camera).

The FZ20 is SLR-like and is larger... The FZ20 has image stabilization, 12x zoom, 5MP, 2" LCD, etc and can't be beat...

If the FZ20 (5 megapixels) is too expensive, look at its closer relatives like FZ3 (3 megapixels) and FZ15 (4MP).
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