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I have a hard time decide between the Panasonic FZ-20 and the Canon G6. I read plenty of reviews and forum and visited a few galleries. I also went to Circuit City to look at the cameras. Please tell me which one you think would suit my needs. They both are pretty good in my opinion. I like the zoom, IS, and price of the Panasonic more than G6. I like the look of the G6 more than the plastic Panasonic look. Do you think there is a lot of different between 5 and 7 megapixels in picture quality? I would like to be able to print at least 11x17 once in a couple years when I captured a great picture. I am just a novice photographer who likes to take picture of my kids. Is the G6 overkill? Perhaps, you can suggest a different camera that would suit my needs.
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If possible, you should give both cameras a trial run. Probably THE best way to decide which camera best suits a set of requirements.
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It's always tough to compare cameras in different classes. This is really a tough comparison...

I think you really need to start comparing picture quality down to the details. The complication is that the Canon G6 has a larger sensor (which is good) while having higher megapixel (not so good for a given size sensor). The FZ20 has a smaller sensor than the G6 but a less megapixels. So it's hard to say which one has better picture quality. I think whiever has the least noise is the one that you should get since you are going for large prints.

Another strategy is to look at what you are going to use these for. For example, if you plan to take pics at sporting events or animal pics then high zoom is far more important (and the FZ20 is right for you).... for general use, I think the G6 is arguably better than the FZ20...
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