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I"m submitting another post because after I sent my previous one, I've been reading some of the other posts and now I"m more confused than ever (but in a good way!:-)) Anyway, as I stated before, I have a fast moving toddler. So, I will be taking pictures for photo albums and I will be cropping a lot. I would also like long zoom and the option to enlarge pics as well. I was initially just debating among the Kodak 7590 and the 6490...but now I see a lot of comments on the Panasonic FZ15 and FZ20.

It seems like the Kodak 6490 has better reviews than the Kodak 7590, however, the 6490 seems to be kind of slow in overall speed (ie, shutter, turning on, etc). And, I really dont want to miss great pic opportunities b/c the camera is slow. (I have that problem now with my film camera) The 7590 seems to be faster, but the reviews aren't that great on image-resource, and other sites.

I thought I read somewhere that the Panasonics listed aboveare pretty fast. But are they as easy to use as the Kodaks? And, is the panasonic software easy to use (if there is any)? tHis is my first digital camera, so I definately want something that's easy, but that I can grow into eventually. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.
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The Panasonic FZ series are the ultra-zoom series. If you are taking toddler pics, I don't think the zoom will be THAT helpful. It's nice to have but I don't know how useful it is. The Panasonic is larger, has more manual controls, etc.

I would guess that a general point&shoot camera or a high-end prosumer (low-zoom) camera may be best for you. But that's something you have to think about. Can you live without zoom?

I think if you are taking baby pics, key thing is good performance in low-light (especially indoors). The ultra-zooms generally perform worse than the general (low-zooms) for low-light and fast moving objects.

I don't know... have you looked at the low-zoom general cameras such as the Canon A95 or the high-end prosumer general cameras like Canon G6 or Sony V3? I imagine these would be better for fast moving little kids, where zoom isn't that benefitial.

I think a key feature you should think about is zoom. Do you need high-zoom? Or can you live with normal (3x) zoom?
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