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I currently have a kodak DX4330 3.2MP and have been pleased with it except for the slow start up time and shutter lag...I have had it for about a year and a half and have taken about 6000 pics. Anyway, I need help deciding between the Kodak LS753 and Sony P-150? I know that the kodak is only 5MP and the Sony is 7.2 and has awesome reviews, but I really just want to know which is the best bang for my buck for what i will be using it for. I mostly take pictues of my baby 85% of the time outdoors, indoors everywhere basically and the other amount of time it is used for travel pictures (alaska mntns all the way to just touristy things). I am very interested in photography but i am not a really technical person (kodak DX4330 is truly easy). I know there is quite a difference in price between the LS753 and P-150 so just want the one that is most suitable for what i will be doing and most bang for the buck. Also P-100 or LS743 are not options....and i do occasionally make prints like 11x13 but usually just the 5x7 or 4x6 if they make it off my computer. Lastly, i do need good redeye reduction bc my whole family is blue eyed and some redeye reduction just aint that great

Thank you very much in advance for help with this-I have spent weeks trying to make a decision.
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It's almost impossible to decide.
I was looking for an all around compact camera and after weeks of reading this and other forums, my brain went numb and I decided to just choose one,
I went with the Sony P150 and I'm glad I did.
Start up and shot to shot timeare great and the pictures are awesome.
I don't know anything about the LS753; it wasn't one of the ones I was looking at.
I had a kodak DC290 for acouple years,I liked it andjust plumb wore it out.
The P150 is light years ahead of that one.
I even prefer the P150 over my Nikon 5700.
As far as price, the Sony was a chunk of change at $449.
I can't imagine you won't be happy with it,but just in case, buy it somewhere you can exchange or return it.

Good luck
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