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I am looking at purchasing my first digital camera. I am a "point and shoot" person, but may eventually come to like manual adjustments. I use a long zoom a lot, and like/need the 10x optical zoom these have. I mostly carry the camea horseback. Sometimes we need to use a wide angle lens for pictures of small rooms. I am seriously looking at the Olympus C-2100 on ebay (no longer available in stoors). It seems to be a very highly rated and well liked camera. However I just read up on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 1, and 3, and there are many similarities.

Pro's on Oly: "Tried and tested", came out in 2000, high reviews. Uses regular batteries. Has threaded lens so you can add wide angle lens or other lenses.

Neg's on Oly: fairly large and cumbersom to carry, especially horseback, but doable. Older...

Pro's on Lumix: Smaller size, high reviews. Newer.

Neg's on Lumix: Uses proprietary batteries (more expensive). I don't think it has a threaded lens, however, one reviewer on amazon.com said he could attach a 55mm wide angle lens on the shade attachement, but I am not sure how that would work, or how reliable.

I would appreciate any comments or help. (Pixel is not of concern, 2 is fine.) Thanks,

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I am not a fan of purchasing used cameras that are a few years old (unless they are DSLRs or something like that). The technology improvement is so great that a $300 modern camera will beat a $500 from 2 years ago. Furthermore, you may have issues with expired warranty (most warranties are 1 year), discontinued accessories/batteries/etc.

I would only look at getting a camera that was released within the last 2 years... unless you really really really can't afford them...

(As far as lens attachments are concerned, I don't remember if the Panasonic FZ3 comes with the lens adapter (FZ3 owner confirm please) but it supports optional lens add-ons. I think the camera also comes with a free cool-looking flower petal lens hood (although I'm not sure if this was the FZ3 or the FZ20) In any case, the Lumix FZ series supports lens add-ons). Most of the ultra-zooms and other SLR-like larger prosumer cameras allow lens add-ons (sometimes you have to purchase and additional lens adapter; sometimes the camera comes with the adapter).
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