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Hi , I'm in the process of buying my first digital camera . I've done alot of research but I feel I need help from someone with experiance . The problem I have now is my 35 mm is a simple auto focus point and shoot .I do fine with it but when someoneelse takes a pic of methey are usualy off center or my head is cutoff . On a recent trip I had 24 pic's taken of me of which 0 are any good . I want a digital so I can preview the pic's and end up with good photo's.I want to be able to get good quality 8 x 10's for sure. The camera will be carried in a daypack/backpack on pack in's. Electricity isnormally not available for recharging battery's . Size would be a slight issue smaller being better . While unusual temp's can get pretty coldsometimes into single digits or below.Will a digital fuctionthat cold .My picture needs are simple but I want to get a good quality camera that will last me . The 2 camera's that appeal to me are the Canon A95 and the Canon S1 IS with the A95 being a slight favorite. I use a GPS and a two way radiothat use AA batteries so I always have alot of them on hand .Also I like the idea of having a manual focus although I don't know why . How long will the A95 run on Duracell AA's ?I wouldlike to know what class of camera will fill my needs.Specifically what mega pix and options would be best . I liked the kodak DX7630 but I read it may over compress for large photo's if this is not right please set me straight . Thanks KH

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3.2 MP on the S1 will give good 8x10 prints. Due to the 10x optical zoom you'll be able to have more freedom in composing your shot, thus reducing the amount of cropping needed.

Digicams will generally function with little or no trouble between 0 degrees centigrade and 40 degrees centigrade.

As you've probably discovered, the S1 has no RAW or TIFF, but its highest JPEG setting has very little compression.

Deciding which features are a must will help decide the camera. The S1 has no AF assist or flash hotshoe, but since you narrowed your search down to the A95 and the S1 I don't think that would be a big issue for you.

Manual focus is useful in low light,which is one of the tougher areas for a camera to focus by itself. MF is also helpful if you just want to be sure that the camera will get it right 1st time.
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Duracell AAs are a bad choice. Get some NiMH batteries and a charger. I use mine in my handheld VHF, GPS and other devices, but you have to be careful to not let them run completely down in devices not designed for NiMH as it can damage the batteries. That isn't a problem with the camera.

One of the advantages of digital is that you can take lots of pictures. Alkaline batteries don't last nearly as long and get expensive. Spares are cheap for NiMH and you are a lot less inhibited with your shooting.

Stabilization is a great feature. It is not only good for long telephoto shots, but great for wider angles in limited light. It doesn't help for subject movement, but you can shoot in many more lighting situations where you can't use flash without carrying a tripod. My choice would be the S1, but the A95 is also a great camera.

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You can buy a NimH battery charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

If you're really stuck in the boonies, you can buy a battery recharger that works off a solar panel!

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