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george_ wrote:
style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"A last question to you , if you can answer it of course.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"A friend of mine bought from tokyo a canon ixy digital 4 megapixels,thats how it is called..Is this the Canon s410 one?Or it is not similar with a european/us model?
Canon uses the "Digital Ixus" label in some areas. For example, the Digital Ixus 430 is the same camera as the Powershot S410; the Ixus 400 is the same as the S400, the Ixus 40 is the same as the SD300, the Ixus 30 is the same as the SD200 (and the list goes on).

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yep that was just a japanese version and it might be the same with one of the canon ones , but i dont know..i like its pictures thats why i ask

Ixus is european name i think , sdxxx sxxx is us name , ixy is japanese.

Never mind i ll try to figure out
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