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This will be our first dedicated digital camera. We have a camcorder that takes 1mp photo, but let just say it leaves a lot to be desire. We take a lot of film pictures using our Rebel 2000 and truly love the quality. When going digital, we examined what's out there. Ideally (read, if we had the money), we would like to get the Digital Rebel. However, we decided on these two.

I was sold on the G6 right away since I wanted a feel as close to slr as possible. Not to mention the quality of the photos in all the reviews that I have read. I really belive in the brand.

But, along came the Exilim P600 from Casio. I hated the styling (definitely not slr), but the picture quality is also great. At 6 mp, it's just one mp below the G6. I really don't think I will need that much mp. Another complaint is that the flash is rather week. We take alot of indoor pictures of our children. The only reason the Exilim merits a debate here is that my wife feel we will take it along more whenever we go out (due to its size) and hence get more use from it. As great as our Rebel 2000 is, it hardly see the light of day anymore since I'm just too tire to lug around the camera bag on the way to play yards or swimming pools. This Exilim will definitely fits in my wife purse, and therefore, make her the one responsible for carrying the camera around .

So, what should I do? Am I loosing a lot in quality if I go the Casio way? Thanks for advice.

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G6 Rocks.
And u can get it for $550.00 at www.beachcamera.com.

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I don't work for profeel.com etc...but I was reading reviews on epinions.com etc...and they have a 5 star rating, and they've had many reviews. So obviously can't go wrong with this shop here. It goes for about 560 dollars at this place.
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