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I am looking for a Digital camera with 4-5 megapixels and 3x optical zoom. I have read that lense quality is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Only problem is I find very little info comparing lense qualities of non-slr digital cameras. Do certain camera brands have better lenses than others?


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There are digital camera websites that post reveiws that include pictures done with resolution charts. If I were you, I would find the site (don't have the url at the moment), make a list of the cameras that have the features you want, and compare pics.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"If I were me, I would just stick with a camera from a noted lens maker (Nikon, Olympus, Canon, etc.) or a camera that uses a lens designed by a noted maker (Sony, Panasonic, etc.).

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I don't think you tend to see the lense comparisons for digicams like you do for SLR lenses because, quite frankly, there isn't the longevity in the digicam lenses. Digicams are obsolete in 1-3 years while SLR lenses can be functional for decades. And since the picture quality is a combination of the lense and the rest of the camera you can't have an 'apples' to 'apples' comparison - I can take two different SLR lenses and put them on the same camera body and do a comparison that way. Not so for digicams. I can compare one model to another, but let's say I do that with the Panasonic FZ20 vs. Canon G6 (or whatever) and come up with results. 6 months from now Panasonic releases a new FZ with the same lense. My comparison may no longer be valid - their may be a different sensor or different algorithims in the camera that make it better or worse than the previous model.

As a general rule, all the top camera makers (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, etc...) have good quality lenses on their digicams. However, you really do need to compare specific models. In some instances a camera maker may change the lense from one 'generation' to another or change other attributes which affect overall quality. For instance, as digicams have gone to 6 mp, some reviews have indicated the overall qaulity of the picture has DOWNGRADED over earlier models - often because of noise levels (which is a sensor issue not a lense issue). So, the qucik answer is all of the above use good lense technology. But since you can't 'port' the lense to a new body you must consider the digicam as a whole, not just the lense. If you put out a post indicating the types of photography your interested in and what features are important to you you'll generally get at least 2-3 suggestions for different camera models.
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Check out Olympus point and shoots, i believe the lenses are also made of glass as the SLR's, Olympus has been making medical equipment for years and in my experience has lenses that are second to none, I had a C2100 2.1mp and the image quality was very good for a point and shoot camera, the E1 Zuiko lenses I now use are simply the best Ive seen as compared to anything from Sigma, Tamron, etc.

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JohnG wrote:
I don't think you tend to see the lense comparisons for digicams like you do for SLR lenses

The resolution pictures I mentioned were not in the context of any comparison. They were made to show what the camera could do. Of course, this doesn't stop a person from making his own comparison between models.

Your points concerning *picture* quality are valid, and Iwould certainly agree that picture quality includes things other than just the lens.However, the original question concerned lens quality and not picture quality as you mentioned, and that is what I was trying to address. I think the the finer the resolution a camera is capable of, the better the lense must be,as long as thesensor size/pixel count is comparable. Given that we don't have much else to go by, I think that when apples are compared to apples (cost, sensor size, etc.), that a difference in resolution is still something to be considered.

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