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i am currently tossing up between buying the canon sd300 (ixus 40) and the pentax optio s5i. they are similar cameras and i know it comes down to a decision on my part but if anyone can offer any advice or knowledge to assist meon this topic i would be very grateful.

i like the docking system on the pentax and they recharge system on the canon seems like a nusance.

the 4mp v 5mp does not worry me

the sturdiness of the canon is a factor, having heard the pentax is 'flimsy' but i have little knowledge on this

simplicity of manual controls?

speed of the cameras?

any other areas......

thankyou for any replies
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The Canon does take better pictures, and it has a nice big screen. It IS a little bigger, but still easily pocketable.

No, I'm not a big Optio fan.


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Igonte issue of of how study does the camera "look", or what do people "think".

The Optio is very sturdy. I have owned the Optio S4 for 9 months now and it has taken a beating impressively - even dropped on concrete from my jacket pocket while running. And no ill effects. I dont think any camera can beat that. I didn't expect it but the camera has proven itself.

Also regarding image quallity the Canon SD 200 /300 are flat out the worst image quality I've seen on any Canon digital camera.

I used to wonder if I should swap the Optio S4 for the Canon 400/410, just to get that little bit more marginal image quality, but the extra bulk of the Canon put me off.

However with this SD 200/300 Canon has narrowed the size gap (stil some there) BUT it also basically threw ALL image quality advantages right out of the window. So what's the point then.

Advantage optio S5i is my call - pretty clear IMO.

Its too bad - Pentax has for a long time left that obvious deficiency of image quality for others to beat it in the ulta-compact field, but seems like nobdoy is actually interested in takig it up - certainly not Canon, that's for sure.
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i own the canon SD 300 and i realyl havent noticed any ill effects of the picture quality at all.


i dont think that looks too bad.

having a battery that charges outside of the camera allows you to have two batteries without having to use your camera as a charger (with the camera as the charger you camera is "out of commission" when charging a battery)

i chose the canon and love it

it has held up with the abuse and carelessness that a college student brings

choosing a camera IS hard it took me about 6 weeks to find what i really wanted and im around them all the time at best buy so dont feel bad if you cant make up your mind.
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You dont measure a camera by MACRO pictures. Hell I have had a Pentax Optio S4 that took AMAZIG macro pictures - but we ALL know that the image quality of normal pictures on that camera is so-so!

The sample pictures I've seen from the new Canon SD's are defitintley no better than any of the cameras in its class. Probably worse than some IMO.

That whole myth about the image superiorty of Canon's in compact cameras is blown out the window now. Its just branding. Nothing left.
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