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Which camera is the best for all around dependibility,less problems for repair,software and versatility. Canon G6 or Konica Minolta A2
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Canon has been getting a lot of complaints lately. Have you also looked at the Olympus 8080. that thing is built like a tank and same price as the G6
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I will look into that model what about Konica Minolta A2?
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I haven't seen anyone who does Consumer Reports types of reliability surveys for a wide range of digital cameras. Both Canon and Minolta/Konica have decent warranty service.

The Dimage software is good for raw and has a few features I like. I'm not that familiar with the Canon package. But you will want a decent image editor regardless of which package you end up with.

Versatility is a mixed bag. I consider portability to be a big versatility factor and the G6 is more portable. Stabilization lets you take shots in a museum for instance without using the flash. But stabilization doesn't help for subject movement and the G6 has the faster lens. 28mm lets you take better scenic and indoor shots. And the A2 has a wider zoom range. I also like raw. You need worry only about focus and exposure – the rest of the stuff like sharpening, white balance, contrast etc can be done in the software just as if it had been done in the camera. Raw is also very efficient compared to TIFF, giving a greater depth and smaller file. The A2 is probably the only camera I would use raw with on a regular basis. I have an older D7i without the great buffer, and it is often impractical to wait for the 10 second write time every shot. I also have a FZ10 and have decided I will never again buy a large camera without stabilization.

I personally think the A2 is the best non-DSLR on the market.
Image stabilization is a great feature. You can take pictures without flash or tripod in a lot more situations.
The manual zoom ring is infinitely better than electric.
It has the best quality EVF on the market.
It is one of the few cameras that will buffer raw shots. That makes raw much more useable, and raw is very competent. A burst of 3 raw shots in a second is spectacular – I don't know of another camera that will do that.
I like Adobe RGB, and it is native.
The 28mm wide-angle capability gives a lot of versatility.
It has a LOT of physical controls. I like that but some people don't.
The manual focus ring is nice even though it is an electric interface.

The G6 has a faster lens and is more compact. Also an excellent camera. I personally prefer a good EVF, but there are also advantages to an optical finder. I wouldn't want to use flex focus without an EVF.

A downside to the A2 is the proprietary hot shoe. You can only use pricey dedicated flash units. If you aren't that concerned about price, the dedicated units are better and easier to use. But you can get a good automatic flash unit for the G6 for a very reasonable price as well as use dedicated units. The G6 also has a much better built-in flash.

I like this particular review of the A2 because it is from a site that usually deals only with DSLRs. I agree about the camera being designed by engineers who are also enthusiasts. My FZ10 was designed by engineers who aren't enthusiasts and the difference is apparent. http://luminous-landscape.com/review...nolta-a2.shtml

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