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I was looking at the P73, P93 and the 100 which is better. I'm aware of the mega pix, andthe diff batteries but besides that....

I don't take alot of pictures cept of the kids :roll: But I do want a half decent zoom.

Any real info would be appreciated.



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one more difference between the 73/93 and the p100 is the lens. the p100 has the carl ziess lens which is supposed ot have better clarity as well as cutting down on glare in your pictures. if you are looking for a point and shoot camera i would go with the p100 cause it is smaller and easier to carry around. i have had larger cameras (Canon A70) and smaller cameras (Canon S410, S500, and SD300) and i prefer a smaller camera because i can get more use out of it because it is more convienent to carry around.

i didnt use my A70 enough because i didnt like carrying it around where as my SD300 can slide into my pocket as could the p100.

the battery of the p100 will also last you longer in the camera when you are using it and has a longer idle life as well. so your chances of picking the camera up and there being battery power in it are greater with the p100. the flip side of the coin is when your battery isnt charged and you dont have a spare you will have ot wait for it to charge where as in the 73/93 you can put regular AA batteries in the camera in a pinch. (although if you bought a AA battery digicam i would STRONGLY reccomend getting rechargeable batteries since these cameras chew through them)

hope i helped
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