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I am looking to move up from the P&S camera's into a DSLR and after spending some time with my wife handlingthe various models out there, we have narrowed it down the the *istDS or the 300D.

From the body perspective, we both preferred the *istDS over the 300D, it is smaller, felt better, and had a better viewfinder. AF might have been a little slower on it, but I imagine that is more lense dependent than camera.

However, as we have researched lense options, the Canon selection is definitely better. Our plan was to get 3 lenses with the body, two zooms covering 18-300 (28-450 or so with the crop factor) and a fast 50 prime.

Canon has signicantly more options here than Pentax. With the Pentax, we were looking at the Sigma 18-125, 70-300 APO II, and 50 1.4, with total cost of the system around $1600.

With the Canon rebates, I can get the same Sigma, the 75-300 IS USM, and 50 1.8 for $1300. I think the Canon 75-300 with IS is a significant upgrade over the Sigma 70-300. I don't mind paying more for the Pentax, but I'm not sure I want to pay more and end up with lesser glass.

I decided to stay away from the kit lense, I find the range I use most on my Dimage 5 to be in the 50-200 range, which would have me switching lenses more than I would like. Also, while the D70 was the leading DSLR candidate before we went shopping, my wife significantly preferred the size and viewfinder of the Canon and Pentax over the Nikon.

Any thoughts or suggestions on these lenses, or camera selections, will be appreciated!

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