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Need a digicam that takes very good movie clips for recording a golfer's swing so that the swing can later be reviewed (on a TV via product like Sandisk Photo Viewer ?) by a golf professional. Need to be able to stop/resume the playback of the swing at various points during the swing for the professional to show/discuss swing flaws.

Ihave no knowledge of movie formats, or speeds, or frames per second.

I would like this to be able to attach to a tripod and also have a remote so the golfer can start the movie clip without having to walk to the camera and press button.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks somuch.

This is my first posting.ed a
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Some digital cameras can record at 30 frames per second, and very few can record at more than 640x480 pixels in movie mode (as far as I know, the ones that can record bigger mages can't do as many frames per second, and I would think FPS is more important than resolution if you're analyzing a golf swing).

Some of the compact cameras with this capability are the Canon SD200/300 and the Sony P73, P93, P100, P150, and T1. The Sony W1 and Fuji E550 can do it too, but they're a little bigger. Among the larger cameras, the Minolta Z3, the Canon S1 IS, and the Fuji S7000 can do it too. Which am I forgetting? I think that's most of them.

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I think you may want to use a 60FPS video mode. I know the SD200/300 have it. On this camera, it's a 320x240 with 60fps (with a 1 minute record limit). This compares to 640x480 with 30fps (no limit) in the high resolution mode.

The remote question is not something I knowabout. My camera doesn't come with one.

320x240 is the resolution you typically see on DSL web videos (such as MSNBC or Foxnews). 640x480 is a quality that approaches DVD or the limits of what a normal TV can display. Both 30 and 60 fps are smooth video; 60 would give better detail in doing slow motion.
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I agree with rp3 that the Canon SD200 or SD300 with its 60fps video mode would be something to check out. It goes by Canon Ixus 30 and Ixus 40 in Europe and something I can't remember in Japan. Not being a golfer, I can't say for sure if you need that high of a capture speed or not, but I am guessing that you might. 30fps is pretty good, but you can still tell that there is action that you are missing on high speed movements. At this time the only cameras that can do 60fps are these two Canons. There might be some camcorders that you should look at, but that is outside my area of knowledge. Here is a site that you can see the difference between the 60fps and the 30fps.

There are a lot more cameras that can do the 30fps at 640x480than what DIgiCamMan noted. You can see my thread "all 30fps 640x480 video capable cameras" for what I hope is a complete of a listing.
Of those cameras, I had noted that the Sony P100 and the Minolta A200 had remotes. There might be others with remotes since this is not a feature that I was specifically tracking for. Also the Nikon 3700 has a voice activated timer, but I believe that is only good for the still pictures.
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