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I'm looking to purchase a reasonably priced underwater digicam for use on shallow dives during holidays. I've seen quite a few 2.1 and 3.3 mp camsbut not sure the photo quality would be any better than a good ole' underwaterdisposable. I'm very unknowledgeable about cameras in general. Can anyone offer some useful advice?

Thanks in advance.
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Lots of manufacturers make plastic cases for their cameras, turning them into underwater cameras. I know Sony does for their P100/120/150 cameras (which are very nice cameras, going up to 7MP). Nikon does too, for thr 3200/4100... I think some Minoltas also have this accessory... Can anyone think of others?

And you're right. Most dedicated underwater cameras I've seenaren't that good.


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Nearly all the major manufacturers have underwater kits for their cameras. These are basically plastic casings that go on top of your camera and you can usually take these down to 100meters or something like that (check the specs). The "problem", of course, is that these are expensive. My Canon S1 IS costs US$350 (street) and the underwater case is around $150. I can't swim :O so this isn't a big deal but if you were considering these things, do keep the cost in mind.

You can also go for some 3rd party cases/bags that basically wrap around your camera (while leaving a hole for the lens of course). You can usually use these bags with almost any camera but they are not as ideal as the camera manufacturer cases, which are designed for the particular camera.

Check out the site below to see what the manufacturer water cases are (the example I have here is for Canon but most major brands have similar stuff):


So to sum up, I recommend that you buy a good camera (rather than a waterproof cheap one) and then buy a waterproof case.
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Thanks all for your help and advice. We have (I think)a HP photosmart 945 and will see if I can get hold of an underwater housing.

Have a great Christmas.

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